2020/2021 - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our animal-rescue activities are currently on hold. But we'll be back!

July 2019 - A 12-week-old starved and sickly kitten was found in our barn in Alabama. Since she was found in the donkey pen, we call her Penny. She was only 3 lbs. She had wounds on her face and tail, and maggots in the tail wound. Lots of fleas and ticks. She also tested positive for hookworms and possibly lungworms. She is on antibiotics and dewormers. We hope to rehabilitate her and put her into a good home!

May 2019 - Arya, our latest rescue dog from Mexico, has been spayed, and has been ADOPTED!

April 2019 - We rescued a poor, sick dog we named "Ramo" from a street in Central Mexico, and took him to a veterinarian immediately. He was suffering greatly, and had to be euthanized. But we're so grateful that we were in the right place at the right time to find this poor guy, and help him out of his extreme suffering. We only knew him a few hours, but we were very sad...

April 2019 - We rescued a female street dog in Central Mexico and paid for the medical attention she needed. The vet named her "Arya" after her favorite character on GoT. Now Arya just needs a home.

March 2019 - Our beloved, treasured Esther passed away at her adoptive home, after only 6 weeks in that home. There are no words that properly express our grief over the loss of Esther. She was only 15.

March 2019 - We raised $350 on Facebook to help rescue another pregnant mare, Quana, from a kill lot. Quana and her foal, Jewel, are safe and sound in Colorado now! (Click for short video.)

December 2018 - Our 2nd fundraiser at HuHot in Colorado Springs.

November 2018 - Our newest addition, 13-year-old Corgi girl "Rae-Rae", passed away not long after Wild Places took her under our wing. After 13 years of loyalty, she was no longer wanted by her original family. She had difficulty walking due to a breeding condition in Corgis, but had good traction on grass and LOVED her walks with us. In November, we took her to the vet to see if her health/age would allow a much needed dental. The same day she fell ill, and the vet diagnosed an auto-immune disease. Rae-Rae went quickly downhill and was too old to fight as hard as she needed to. She spent her last night at home with us and felt nothing but love as she passed.

November 2018 - After being transported to the States, Micho was adopted by a family in South Texas!

October 2018 - A fun and fruitful volunteer day at our Alabama location. The volunteers installed a farm gate (after removing existing fence), held and loved on chicks, bagged hay, cleaned coops, petted kitties, scooped litter trays, brushed and cleaned donkeys' hooves, chopped hens' veggies, walked dogs, and mucked donkey pen!

Summer 2018 - We rescued a sick/starving dog from the streets in Michoacan, Mexico, and named him Micho. We raised $1260 toward the ~$1800 that we paid for his medical care and rehabilitation. He's a very gentle soul, and is worth every dollar we have spent on him. Now we just need to get him to the States and find him a home!

July 2018 - Our 1st fundraiser at HuHot in Colorado Springs.

June 2018 - At our Alabama location, we accepted our second donkey, Buttersnaps!

March 2018 - We raised $650 on Facebook to pay for a much-needed surgery for a donkey in Alabama (whose owner had no interest in obtaining medical attention for the little guy). The donkey came through the surgery with flying colors.

March 2018 - We raised $1000 to help rescue a pregnant mare, Baley, from a kill lot in Texas. She and her colt, Try, are now healthy in a safe and loving home in Colorado.

March 2018 - DeeDee strutted her stuff for Justin at Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship. After years of rehabilitation, she was evaluated as pain-free and ready to be an awesome trail horse for some lucky person.

February 2018 - At our Alabama location, we accepted our first donkey, Eeyore!

February 2018 - We collected coats, sweaters, and other pet supplies for homeless dogs in Colorado Springs. We were able to donate the following items to StreetPetz, for the dogs of homeless vets and other homeless folks in Colorado Springs: 13 dog coats, 1 bag of dog food, 1 dog toy, 1 collar, 1 roll of poo-pickup bags .

December 2017 - We now have a second sanctuary location in Alabama!

October 2017 - We raised over $600 at Painting With a Twist in Colorado Springs.

October 2017 - We earned a Bronze Seal on Guidestar.org.

October 2017 - Our two senior horses, Lady and Casey, passed away. We are beyond grief-stricken.

June 2017 - A garage sale in Colorado Springs to benefit Wild Places.

May 2017 - We raised over $500 at Painting With a Twist in Colorado Springs.

Spring/Summer 2017 - We raised over $1000 with our used-shoe drive.

Fall 2016 - We built a lovely new "condo" for our goats.

May 2016 - Little Dolly (dog) arrived at Wild Places from Florissant, CO.

May 2016 - Volunteer day and potluck.

January 2016 - "Vegan Drinks for a Cause" fundraiser at The Burrowing Owl vegan restaurant and bar in Colorado Springs.

October 2015 - We helped a horse named EZ get some much-needed dental work, since EZ's owner was unable to pay for it.

August 2015 - Ladybird, a severely geriatric horse, has arrived from Florissant, CO.

August 2015 - The 2nd Annual "Amazing Race for Animals" fundraiser was held on Saturday August 29th.

July 2015 - We built a new 12x24 run-in shed in the pasture for our horses.

April 2015 - "Quiz for a Cause" fundraiser at Thunder & Buttons in Colorado Springs.

March 2015 - Monette and Monty were born -- it turns out Mona was already pregnant when she arrived here!

February 2015 - Boomer-Tyrion, a chihuahua/fox terrier mix, arrived from Divide, CO.

November 2014 - Mona the goat has arrived from Guffey, CO. She is a Nubian/Alpine mix. Myron is already smitten.

August 2014 - Myron the goat has arrived from Elbert, CO. He is an older buck, and has promised to help us with our weeds in the pasture. He is 1/2 Nubian, 1/4 Alpine, and 1/4 Oberhasli.

August 2014 - Volunteer day and potluck.

August 2014 - Our sixth horse, Casey, has arrived from Fountain, CO. Casey is a 20-something gelding with recurrent equine uveitis -- the same disorder as our Esther. He is blind in his left eye, and sees very little with his right eye. We think Esther and Casey will be two peas in a pod -- he is gentle and sweet, just like her.

June 2014 - Volunteer day and potluck.

February 2014 - Our second fundraiser, the Master Chef Challenge, took place on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th.

September 2013 - Volunteer day and potluck.

September 2013 - Our fifth horse, Esther, has arrived from Kerrville, Texas. Esther's right eye was removed when she was young, and she was moon blindness in her left eye, so her vision is extremely limited. But she's a doll!

July 2013 - Volunteer day and potluck.

July 2013 - Our fourth rescue horse arrived. "Cammie" is better known to us as "Hopalong", due to the way she compensates for her leg/foot problems -- she hops! In March 2013, she was impounded from her owner on cruelty charges and went to stay at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. She measured over 12" from the coronet band to the toe of the hoof. She also suffers from advanced arthritis in both "knees" and is not sound for riding. But we love her!

June 2013 - Our first fundraiser, The Amazing Race for Animals, was a huge success, and raised over $4500.

June 2013 - Nipper, a Queensland Heeler dog, arrived from Boone, CO.

April 2013 - Our 1st volunteer day and potluck.

April 2013 - Our third rescue, Buttercup, arrived from Boone, Colorado. She is a 6-year-old sorrel mare. She was one of the "Yoder" horses who was found emaciated and with no hoof care in Yoder, Colorado in February 2012. She spent a year at Triple Acres Horse Rescue putting on weight before coming to us. She still has hoof issues, but we are working on those with our wonderful farrier!

December 2012 - Our second rescue, Maggie, has arrived from Rye, Colorado. She is a 21-year-old bay mule, and has been chronically lame in her right front leg for the past year. Maggie and Diamond hit it off immediately, and are already inseparable!

November 2012 - Our first horse arrived! Diamond is a 12-year-old gray mare from Park County, Colorado. She has a chronic back injury that prevents her from being ridden. We can't wait to find a friend for her!

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