Be a "Master Chef Challenge" Food Taster!

Inspired by the smash hit, Master Chef, we invite YOU to be a judge! A three-course themed dinner will be created by three local chefs, with a specific challenge, and ALL plant-based! Sample portions of an appetizer, entr� and dessert will be prepared. Judging criteria will include: Presentation, Taste, and Originality/Creativity. Judging begins at 6pm (time subject to change). Sign up below to eat and critique the food!
More info: Master Chef Challenge 2014

All proceeds will benefit:

Seeds Community Caf�website / facebook

Vegan Society of Colorado Springs: website / facebook
Wild Places Horse Rescue: website / facebook


To be added to the waiting list or to be informed about the next event, please click here to email us (and please Like us on Facebook)!